The future Windows 10 update is still called ‘Sun Valley’ but, according to comments from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Windows 11 could be the next version of the operating system that you install on your PC. With Build 2021 now over and few more clues about the next version of Windows, PC users are curious if we’ll see ‘Sun Valley’ appear this fall followed by a new Windows 11 months later. We’ll find out very soon because Microsoft is hosting a Windows event later this month . The image of the event is revealing, with the shadow of the Windows logo forming an 11 for an event that starts at 11 a.m. But for now we can only use everything we know to compose a robot portrait of a possible Windows 11, the successor to Windows 10.

Windows 11

Windows 11: release date

There is no official release date for Windows 11.  We only know that in 2015, with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft firmly stated that there would be no “Windows 11”. But technology and intentions change over the years and you can’t keep the number 10 forever. Apple technically did it for ten years with Mac OS X until macOS 11 Big Sur arrived.

Windows Central reports that internally Windows 10 21H2 will be out in October, based on evidence on Microsoft Windows Insider channels. Perhaps this date will be the same and 21H2 will be renamed Windows 11. Or perhaps it is indeed Windows 10 21H2 will be a last Windows 10 update for users who do not want to upgrade to Windows 11 – if there really is Windows 11.


The name of Windows 11

Microsoft has a reputation for giving its products unexpected names. Be it Xbox Series X, Windows Live¡ or OneDrive, many times it has baptized new products with names that you do not expect.

During the inaugural Build 2021 keynote, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about talking about a new version of Windows without determining the number: “I’ve been organizing it for the past few months and I’m incredibly excited for the next generation of Windows,” Nadella said. Attendees.

It sounds like Windows 11 and not a mere interface update. But it could be called something else to bring it in line with your other apps: Windows One, Windows 365, or even Windows Series. Or simply Windows.


What’s new in Windows 11?

‘Sun Valley’ will have a fresh look. It’s hard to imagine that after that effort in user experience, those features won’t carry over to Windows 11. There are various leaks and rumors that point to what we can expect to see.


A redesigned Windows 11

We have many clues about a new windows 11 pro 64 bit interface with a design change that will even remove any trace of Windows 95. Apart from a change in graphics, the user interface will have a new font, (Segoe UI Variable) enabled in development versions since build 21376. However, the Microsoft design team is also looking for a new font, asking users by which one is their favorite. The interface will implement rounded corners for the first time. This will eliminate any sharp edges throughout the user interface and give Windows 11 a smoother look that is very similar to what Apple Macintoshs have been using since 1984. Microsoft has released images of the Settings application that offer a first look at this change in Windows, which will affect all application windows down to the start menu, through buttons, Live Tiles and even the Action Center. It is a modification that will have a dramatic effect on the appearance of Windows 11.


Windows 11: new operating system features

A great update to Windows 11 will not only be in the aspect of the operating system, but in its technical characteristics and functions. There will be things like new laptop battery usage statistics in the Settings app , something that has been around for a long time on macOS and all smartphones but has been conspicuously absent in Windows. Other features that could be carried over from “Sun Valley” to Windows 11 could be the ability to uninstall most of the pre-installed Microsoft applications, enhancements to the wizard for external displays, and a taskbar control panel for your Microsoft account. The latest beta versions show that the taskbar and File Explorer seem to have split into two separate processes.


Windows 11: tablet enhancements

Tablet mode has been one of Windows’s weakest points since Windows 8 but now it looks like Microsoft is going to fix it. It is rumored that there will be a new “gesture layer” that will be above the user interface and will allow you to perform trackpad-like gestures on a touch screen. The pen and speech input systems also appear to be improved, with a new speech user interface and a context menu for pen input. This may indicate a redoubled effort in future Microsoft Surface products. We will update this page with news as they appear.

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