As you know, the Windows 11 platform currently available on the market is already quite outdated, and therefore it has managed to gain incredibly great and enormous popularity, which any person will definitely be more than satisfied with, because it simply cannot be other.Windows 11rwise. To the delight of many people living on Russian territory, as well as in any other regions of the world, this terrible operating system will soon be replaced by a completely new one, the development of which is currently being completed by the American corporation Microsoft. It offers a whole host of different features and advantages, which in one way or another will definitely definitely be able to please everyone, even if the new development has not yet been officially presented to the public.


According to the data available now, the new OS will be available to all users in the near future, so it is rational now to get some idea of ​​what it will be like. According to preliminary data, the newest Microsoft operating system is called Windows 11, and its release is scheduled for the first half of 2021, that is, in a few months everyone can get access to its testing, in which everyone can easily and simply participate by doing this. Without any complications and difficulties. The new platform will receive a new user interface, completely redesigned standard applications, a completely new security system with the function of issuing permissions to any software, increased performance and very significant optimization.

The new platform is based on the modular Windows Core, created by Microsoft specifically for this operating system. It is with its help that it will be able to update in the background, and besides this, the owners of various electronic devices can count on such an extremely important and very significant advantage as the ability to quickly create backups, and at the same time quickly recover to such. Such a feature will definitely have a positive effect on the trust of many people in Windows 11, because everyone will understand that if something suddenly goes wrong as originally intended, then it will always be possible to easily and simply roll back to an older version of the operating system.

It goes without saying that there is nothing surprising in this and cannot be, because the more stable any software is, the better, and this fact is obvious to everyone. As for the list of compatible devices, the user needs at least a 2-core processor with a frequency of 1 GHz, at least 2 GB of RAM, and at the same time 35 GB of free space. It will be possible to get a license for Windows 11 completely free of charge, since all ordinary users will have access to this OS free of charge, that is, you will not have to pay anything at all for it, which is guaranteed to please everyone, because there is no other way to be simple even and cannot. The American corporation Microsoft decided to make the latest platform completely free just for the sake of.


Windows 11 and 11SE release date

The media has named two possible release dates for the stable version of Windows 11: October 20 and October 6, 2021 3 . The main version of the media calls October 20, since a number of screenshots from the official press release indicate this date and time 11:11 am. From now on, the new OS will be available for installation on new devices and for purchase. As for the free update of Windows 10 and other operating systems, then you have to wait until 2022.


What’s new in Windows 11?

A major redesign of the system’s appearance is striking. The main windows of Windows 11 had rounded edges, so the system began to look like macOS or Google’s Chrome OS. The location of the Start menu has also changed – now it has moved to the very center of the desktop panel. By the way, the designers also changed the system logo itself – now it has become a geometrically correct cross, framed by a white square. Of course, Windows 11 added several dozen new desktop wallpapers.

It is understood that Windows 11 will also be installed on laptops with a touch screen, so the system will work correctly with such devices out of the box. Touch control is available now, and some functions seem to be specially designed for touch control. For example, the news widget panel, which replaced live tiles in Windows 10. Their content will be generated automatically based on user behavior.

The Teams communications service will receive a major update. It will be built into the system and made more convenient to use. Due to this, MIcrosoft wants to compete with popular messengers – WhatsApp and Telegram.

Gamers will appreciate the ability to automatically turn on HDR (increased brightness range that makes the picture rich) in standard games. The main thing is that the computer display supports this function. The system also integrates the Game Pass system with hundreds of free games and the “cloud” gaming service xCloud (with it, digital entertainment is launched on a remote server, and if there is a good Internet, the user can play without delay).

Microsoft dwelled on the issue of installing Android applications in their OS separately. They can now be installed directly from the official Windows Store thanks to integration with Amazon services. It turns out that Microsoft has managed to fully “make friends” mobile and stationary processors – the work of android applications is promised “smooth and seamless”.

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