Task manager is far from the best Windows management tool but it does have a couple of actions that can come in handy. To access them, click on the drop-down arrow next to the one you want to manage. Those that work offer five actions, from bringing to the front, maximizing, minimizing or finishing the task.

Windows File location of open application

Sometimes it is difficult to navigate to the installation location of a particular program. The file explorer is the general option, but if the application is being used, from the task manager you can access it in record time. Just click on any process and select “open file location.” This will take you directly to the folder that contains the executable file for the process. It works for applications, background processes and Windows processes. Quick and practical.

windows Task Manager

Start command prompt directly

In the task manager you can go to the File menu and select “run a new task” to start the run dialog. Most people who use this tool know it because it is one of the ways to manually restart a frozen browser in previous versions of Windows.

What not everyone knows is that you can access the Windows console in the same way simply by holding down the Control key. Very useful.

System Configurator Start Function

In Windows 10, if you run the command “msconfig” to configure the system, you will see that the startup function has been moved to the task manager. It is the tool that allows us to configure the applications that will start at startup.

What is Windows task manager | Features

Task Manager. Displays the programs, processes, and services that are currently running on the computer. To monitor the performance of the computer or to close a program that is not responding. If you are connected to a network, it can also be used to check the status of the network and see how it is working. If there are multiple users connected to the computer, you can see who they are and what they are working on, and you can send them messages.


A task manager is a computer program that is used to provide information about the processes and programs that are running on a computer and their general situation. It can be used to end processes, check their CPU usage, as well as end programs and change the priority between processes.

Enable or disable

Invoked by pressing the Control, Alt, and Delete keys.


The Task Manager Help file contains everything you might need to know about this feature. Some topics of the Help are intended for general audience to guide. Other topics are aimed at more advanced users. In the Task Manager bar, click Help at top, and then click Task Manager Help and then select Topics. In the Task Manager getting started topic, click the following topics and read the topic and all related topics to learn about the features and uses of Task Manager:

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