GOOGLE STADIA Refusal of physical media

Yes, we are all accustomed to lamp jewel case for DVDs, this is an integral part of the GOOGLE STADIA game culture of zero, but from the point of view of practicality, this is not the best solution: you can lose, break such media, well, and in the end, over time, discs are just become unusable, so after 20 years, you can’t get your favorite collection from the shelf and start your favorite game of your youth.

Freedom of movement

We’ve got used to the fact that in order to enjoy your favorite music, TV shows and other multimedia content, you don’t need to store tons of files on your smartphone or be on your home computer all the time – all this has been on video hosting services in social networks and subscription services for a long time. You can be anywhere and still have access to your media library. So it is with games for which binding to a console or a home computer is especially relevant: it is enough to take a thin work laptop with you and play heavy projects where it is convenient for you.

Google Stadia

GOOGLE STADIA (YouTube + Stadia = love)

Naturally, the company could not ignore its other product, which is extremely popular among video game fans. Yes, YouTube has not grown together with streaming, but you can’t find a better place to watch trailers and stream recordings, now Google intends to revive YT Gaming and promises incredible things. For example, you are watching a broadcast and want to participate in the outrage that is happening on the screen. Simply send the appropriate request to the broadcast host, and after his consent, you can join him. Or another scenario: for example, you can’t go through some difficult moment, and there’s no one to ask for help – it happened to everyone. No problem! We shared the link and following it another user will continue the game from the same place, with the same parameters (the number of cartridges, HP, armor, etc.).

Google’s serious approach and exclusives

In addition to the aforementioned Phil Harrison, Good Corporation also hired Jade Raymond, who left EA Motive specifically to work on the Google Stadia team. Previously, Jade produced the first two parts of Assassin’s Creed, but now she will lead her own game studio Google, creating exclusive content for Stadia.

Google was concerned not only with hiring highly qualified personnel, but also with the release of its own gaming accessories. More precisely, a proprietary gamepad with the uncomplicated name Stadia Controller was introduced. Outwardly, it practically does not differ from most modern game controllers, but to reduce the delay it connects via Wi-Fi directly to the company’s servers and has two additional keys – for taking screenshots and calling the Google Assistant virtual assistant, which, if necessary, can provide any additional information on the game or, for example, suggest how to complete a difficult quest. However, buying it is not necessary at all, Stadia will be friends with gamepads from the PlayStation and Xbox.

Game publishers

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, disks are inconvenient to use for storing and distributing games, and this also applies to ordinary users and game publishers. Therefore, today inveterate gamers have several virtual game stores installed at once, but not everyone likes to switch between Steam, Origin, Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store. There will be no such problem with Stadia, since all the projects presented in the service will be combined in one interface of a common platform-holder – Google.

Disadvantages – Small spread of the Internet

We discussed the benefits, it is time to talk about the difficulties due to which the bright future of cloud gaming may not come. Most people are used to thinking that since we live in the era of digital technology, it means that everyone has access to the Web. But this is not so, moreover, almost half of the world’s population has no access to the Internet: despite the fact that more than 7.5 billion people live on our planet, only 4.4 billion of them regularly use the World Wide Web. 4.4 x 10 9 is, of course, a lot, but what about the remaining 3 billion?

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